Audrey Levy

Mother of Jeremy:

Jeremy was born almost three years ago, after a normal, trouble free pregnancy. Our dreams were shattered an hour later, when we were told that Jeremy had no eyes, and would never see. We were also told that eyes, ears, and brain all form at the same time. Tests, and Jeremy’s hearing was normal, and his brain formed normally; as to how it functions, we would have to wait and see (about a year). How could this happen to us and our perfect child we envisioned? Our initial reaction was rejecting and denial, which we later found out were standard emotions. Our questions were endless. Are eye transplants possible? Does he have eye lashes? Will he blink? Will he close his eyes when he sleeps?

With a loving family and caring professionals, we accepted Jeremy for who he is, and began our journey through life together. We realized that blindness would not prevent Jeremy and us from enjoying life with slight modifications. We could still go to Disneyland, play ball, and go on family outings, and we have done those things.

Professionals have been extremely helpful in guiding us down the right path, explaining options and getting the proper care. They have also extended themselves in helping us fight long and frustrating battles with insurance companies to cover the costs of proper care for Jeremy. Our families have been extremely supportive and although not overly knowledgeable about blindness, are eager to learn. Make no mistake, it is not all peaches and cream now, but we continue to grow and consider ourselves very lucky. Milestones other parents take for granted with their children require much more work on our part, but we are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

We have learned to develop a sense of humor over insensitive people’s reaction to Jeremy’s prosthesis and his blindness. (He doesn’t have an eye infection, and He’s not mentally retarded because he cannot see.)

Jeremy is just like other children, except he cannot see. We try to focus on his abilities and help him maximize them. We know Jeremy will be a success and will continue to enjoy life.